Guide To Hiking

The Girl’s Guide To Hiking Solo In 2020

Solo travelling is different for girls and guys as hiking alone for a girl is never considered safe. There are a lot of different things one needs to take into consideration. In this article, we are going to be talking about the girls’ guide to hiking solo.

  • Carry a spot beacon or satellite phone: This is one of the best ways to ensure that you send message to your loved ones about yourself. Satellite phones do not come for cheap, but it is one which is worth your life.
  • Understand what the animal situation: It is essential that before you venture into the wilderness, you learn about the place and get yourself prepared. Try to understand the surrounding and pack yourself with the right material.
  • Stick to trails: Stick to trails are some of the most well-marketed trails in the national park which is a smarter choice especially when you are alone as it is very easy to get lost and can become challenging to catch up.

Start small

Before you even go out and about with your hiking adventure which will allow you to get access to some of the best routes to get yourself back. Starting small will allow you to gain some tips and tricks which will enable you to grow better and can help you carry on the hiking guide alone in the wilderness.

Pick popular trails


Taking popular trails means that you are not alone, even when you are heading off alone. This will allow you to navigate and be confident about the trail. Also, you can easily meet a lot of people on the way which will be reassuring, especially if it is your first trail. The longer the trail, the better the experience and can get you coming back again and again.

Learn various skills

There is a lot of skills that you need to learn and navigate and learn more about the map and compass. There are a lot of skills which is necessary when it comes to cooking and also picking the right gear. Try to make sure that you are not bringing unnecessary items which can leave you unprepared.

Understand the trail conditions first

It is important that people get a good sense of trail and its conditions, which is much more reliable when you are trying to get yourself a solo hiking trip. Try to do your research first and talk to people and get on the ground and understand the trail. Check on things like weather, gear and the temperature. Check out any local official tourism sites, look for accommodation, join a group, search the trail and take tips from other hikers, check out for the weather patterns.