Choosing RV Parks for the Family

5 Tips in Choosing the Best RV Parks for the Family


Dreaming of the perfect family vacation? After all, there are few things in life better than gathering your loved ones, jumping in a camper, and exploring new places or old favorites, To make things easier, we’ve listed five practical tips for choosing the best RV park for your family’s needs.


What are some summer activities you’re itching to try? Maybe something more adventurous rather than going the conventional route? RVs, or recreational vehicles, continue to be a hot topic.


While you might associate RVing with Baby Boomers or retirees, RV travel has something for everyone, with more families have become open to RV camping and boondocking. It’s a fun and exciting way to travel as a family, adding the right amount of spontaneity. Of course, planning always helps. For some, the RV location, more specifically the RV Park, could make or break your family trip. Knowing that we have compiled some recommendations for choosing the right RV parks to ensure your trip is one for the books.


Personal preferences

First things first, always take into consideration the requirements for your beloved recreational vehicle. Is the RV park large enough to accommodate your motorhome? If you don’t have a generator in tow, always try and find out what power connections are available in the park you are eyeing.


Next off, consider what your family will need. When you are traveling with kids, always choose parks with playgrounds and other kid-friendly recreational areas. If you have a pet with you, be aware that parks have different regulations when it comes to pets. Finally, if you have any preferred amenities, research will be key. If Wi-Fi is an absolute necessity for you, it is better to do some research beforehand.


Online presence

We are all expecting successful businesses to run a thorough and complete website that mirrors what they do, and how well they do it. The more attention to detail given on the website can often show how likely the owners are to pay attention to their guest’s experience.


It doesn’t just provide potential clients with significant amounts of information, but it also somehow unintentionally advertises the amount of attention the campground owners or managers give to the park itself.


User reviews

It is never a bad idea to check other users’ reviews. We tend to trust other people, specifically other families, who have used the products or services we are looking into. There are tons of review websites like YelpTripadvisorCampendium, and more to familiarize you with the camp and highlight the potential pros and cons.


If you prefer researching the traditional way, you can check into some annually published books to view ratings and reviews.



Checking your finances is always a surefire way to ensure a great trip all throughout. That includes establishing how much you are willing to spend on the RV park. Some RV parks offer extra amenities and resort activities as part of their reservation packages. It’s always important to factor other likely expenses such as food, sightseeing, and of course, money set aside for an emergency.  We’ve found having our motorhome or RV warranty in check helps keep our mind at ease in this area.  There’s a good article on the benefits to having a warranty here and the costs associated with 5th wheel repairs as well on Good Sam.


The options on the more affordable end of the scale may not be five stars, but it’s always a good idea to compare different offers so you can weigh your options.



This could still be under your personal preferences, but if you intend to spend most of your time at the RV park, you will likely want some peace and quiet, away from the city’s hustle and bustle. If you have other items on your agenda, such as sightseeing, it might be best to choose a park near a city or town. The less fuel wasted and the less cranky everyone is, the better.


These are just some of the tips that should be taken into consideration when choosing RV parks for your family. Keeping all members happy is still the most important end goal in choosing a park so, in the end, the right RV park is dependent on your needs.



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